but just imagine somebody “accidentally” summoning a powerful demon based off the knowledge that they’ve acquired from bad horror movies

"mom i swear i have no idea how the demon king asmodeus appeared in my living room"

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Whether it be the kind you see in movies, demons, souls with unfinished business, poltergeists, or just imprints on old objects.

I just want to know.

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be here.

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~   William Shakespeare, Macbeth (via observando)

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It would be really awesome if Greninja’s surf took shape of other pokemon
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"Seeing Stars"

Frida Gustavsson by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue UK December 2010

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the writers of this show literally wrote down anything that popped in their head and it’s absolutely perfect

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Did you guys know that roses do not actually smell that great when burned 7 times?

My room smells like the most acrid of forest fires, all in the name of witchy business. 

A little love-life-cleansing never hurt anyone except any poor critter outside my window as I air out my bedroom.

None to mention I had several “oh shit” moments while actually lighting them. I am so fucking majestic. Fear the derp witch.

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A collection of eight confessions, hand written and court transcripts, of convicted criminals. It is then reduced to only those sentences were the criminal is talking about his or hers own emotions. The perpetrators personal landscape of guilt is revealed with no descriptions about the actual criminal act. The most extreme act of violence contains something that we can all recognize in ourselves; the inner psychological patterns of reasoning and justification, remorse and/or the lack of it.

Ignas Krunglevičius
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Opaque  by  andbamnan